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Legendary NFT

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The Reflect Metaverse is a collection of memories minted as NFTs. Each NFT that is minted will be an interactive world of the person's memory that minted it. For example, someone has a memory of one of Martin Luther King Jr's speeches and recreates it as a world for others to relive that exact moment. 

Common NFT


The Common Tier allows you to mint a memory up to 10 years in the past. This can be any memory you have up to year 2010

Price : 1 ETH
Rare NFT


The Rare Tier allows you to mint a memory up to 20 years in the past. This can be any memory you have up to year 2000

Price : 2 ETH


The Ultra-Rare Tier allows you to mint a memory up to 30 years in the past. This can be any memory you have up to year 1990

Price : 3 ETH
MINT nft
Legendary NFT


The Legendary Tier allows you to mint a memory in any time in the past. This can be any memory you have.

Price : 4 ETH
MINT nft

How Does It Work?


Upload Proof

Submit your files.

To get started, you can upload a photo, video, or audio of a memory.


Describe Your Memory

What do you remember?

Describe your memory in as much detail as possible. We ask for 300 min character description.


Stake your memory

get your world developed.

After you minted your NFT, you can stake it to start getting your Metaverse developed. Each Metaverse is developed by Mirror Image Studios. Our studios will schedule a few calls with you to go over the details you want in your world and to make sure we're getting everything right.

Open World - Videogame X Webflow Template

An endless open world

Let your memory continue and live in the simulation with Advanced NPCs

Clans - Videogame X Webflow Template

Invite & collab

Invite others to join or collab with your memory

Hours Of Content - Videogame X Webflow Template

Advanced gameplay

The Reflect Metaverse is powered by UNREAL ENGINE 5 and A.I. Avatars that speak and behave like the people you have in your memory

Always - Videogame X Webflow Template

Always expanding

The goal is to create a library of memories so people can travel to anytime and experience it

Each NFT Comes With The Mirror image one

The Mirror Image One is the World's first Cloud based Web 3.0 Console. Powered by Nvidia GPUs and can be accessed through any device.


Take a look at our roadmap

Our Roadmap is updated frequently. You can also get updates faster by joining our Discord Channel.

Phase 1: NFT Minting & Staking

Phase One we will release the Reflect Mint Passes and each Mint Pass can be staked to get the memory developed as a world in the Reflect Game.

Phase 2: Build Out worlds

In Phase two we will build out each memory as a world. Only NFTs that are staked will be developed. The worlds will be equipped with Advanced NPCs that speak and act in the voices you have of the people in the memory. You will also be able to collab with other people who may have a similar memory as you to make the world more detailed.

Phase 3: Launch

Phase Three will be the launch of the Reflect Game and the reveal of all the memories that are created into worlds. Each owner will have the ability to share their world with public and let anyone join the simulation the same as if someone joined your Decentraland or Sandbox plot.

Phase 4: Season two release

Phase Four will be our Season Two release with a new batch of Mint Passes and rewards for holders that participated in the Season One drop.

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